Stabli-Loc Foundation Piering System

Do I Have Foundation Problems?

Signs of Foundation Failure

Inside the House:
Cracks in the Drywall
Doors and windows that stick
Cracks in the floors and tile
Misaligned doors and windows

Outside of the House:
Gaps around doors and windows
Cracks in foundation
Stair step cracks in brick walls
Chimneys tilting or pulling away

Separation from door
Walls rotating out
Stair step cracks in brick wall

How Can I Correct My Foundation?

Stabli-Loc Foundation Piering Systems

Stabli-Loc is a dual pier system designed to be supported concentrically underneath the footing, therefore, there are no eccentric loads applied to the pier or the basement walls.  This creates a more vertical pier instillation  which reduces the possibility of pier failure or future basement cracking.

The pier consists of interlocking 12" segments to create pier continuity and to allow for deeper pier penetration to bearing strata.

See the diagrams below to see how the Stabli-Loc System works.

Why Do I Have Foundation Problems?

Causes of Foundation Failure

Evaporation: Hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink

Transpiration: tree roots dehydrate soil, causing soil shrinkage and settlement of your home's footing/slab

Drainage: Improper drainage causes increased hydraulic pressure on basement walls

Poor Building Site Preparation: Improperly compacted fill soil causes settling problems later

Poor Soil Condition: Expansive clay soil and organic debris cause contraction and expansion of soil